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Kemosabe version 1.0 2007, digital video

In the same vein as Stupid Fucking White Man or Goin' Indian, Kemosabe version 1.0 utilizes deconstruction to examine and comment on two American icons, "The Lone Ranger" and his faithful sidekick "Tonto" through reassemblage. Traditionally I worked in film, but my transition to digital video is acknowledged in Kemosabe version 1.0 with the use of color bars (I thought it was pertinent to personally comment on video since my vernacular is stuck within the mire of celluloid--and I tend not to make the distinction out of habit not because I don't think video viable--thanks to friend and professor, Tom Sherman for helping me realize that I continually spoke about my work as film while I worked in digital video). The representations of Native Americans in American media have historically proven problematic because most opinions regarding Native Americans were formed through individual's exposure to these inaccurate portrayals and it has been these inaccurate portrayals, which have confined Native Americans to exist solely in the past and not as a contemporary people within the American psyche. The montage re-presented in Kemosabe version 1.0 illustrates how American media, intentionally or not, did and does negatively and inaccurately portray Native Americans, whereas the subtext of Kemosabe version 1.0 illustrates how the "Lone Ranger" has subjugated "Tonto" as he consumes and assumes "Tonto's" "Indian-ness". This is one version of several I have undertaken. Thanks to my brother Clint for lending his laughter.

FESTIVALS & EXHIBITIONS - 2009: Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF - Sticky Content Online Exhibition), Ithaca, NY. 2008: Finger Lakes Film Festival, Geneva, NY; The 2nd Native Spirit Film and Video Festival of the Indigenous Peoples of the Three Americas (London, England); HOW: Engagements with the "Hollywood Indian", A Space Gallery (Toronto, ON, Canada); 20th Century (On Video) Project No 1, Greece ( 20th Century On Video Project No 1); 35th Annual Athens International Film Festival (Athens, OH); 2008 Indie Spirit Film Festival (Colorado Springs, CO); Honorable Mention - Black Maria Film Festival; On the Move: Images of Travel Screening, Everson Museum of Art (Syracuse, NY). 2007: Video Now! 2007, Everson Museum of Art (Syracuse, NY); 11th Annual Short Film & Video Festival, ASU Art Museum (Tempe, AZ); Technicial Achievement Award - Tulalip Film Festival (Tulalip, WA).

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